LIOJI: Communications and Innovation Company

LIOJI is a modern day technology and communications parent company that develops effective content strategies for our properties and clients.

Our Foundation and Passion

The foundation of LIOJI is built on the drive to create. The excitement that surrounds creating applications, websites, and content that will always push the company to new heights. Our company is always looking to evolve as marketing and creative continue to expand and shift as we continue to witness technological advances that change the way we live. The passion comes from these advancements and creates the forward-thinking ideas that include our podcast network, services we provide businesses, and the media properties that expand the knowledge and develop platforms for learning.

Our History

After more than a decade working in the marketing and advertising industry doing work for non-profits, e-commerce sites, hospitality, and small businesses our founder Isaac E decided to launch a company to support his future endeavors. LIOJI has been in operation since 2017 and serves as the parent company for Buffalo Marketing Company, Gameday Cube, The Double Entendre Podcast, and Tycoon Vista. The company uses a blend of creative and technology to enhance the businesses of our clients, and the lives of the communities we serve.

Our Core Values


Our performance holds a standard and our commitment to excellence. We take tremendous pride in our creative and work.


The marketing and advertising industry at times can struggle with diversity and creating opportunities for all. LIOJI is built on the knowledge of the past and holds importance in people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds. We find that diversity strengthens us to be our best.


LIOJI has strong moral principles and believes in honesty and upholding ethical principles.


Our passion continues to drive LIOJI’s present and future as we continue working on developing innovative ideas.


LIOJI builds on all the core values to develop innovation from uniqueness and creativity.

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